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    0xe002001b Error After UNinstallation

      We had a XP computer that was unable to boot.


      As per our usual procedure, we remove EEPC via the WinTech disk so our tech guys can fix Windows. 


      From what I know, they only ran a fixmbr on the machine, I don't think they did a chkdsk /r or a fixboot on it.  When the fixmbr did not work they did a "repair installation" of windows.


      When the computer booted back up, just before the Windows login CTRL-ALT-DEL prompt, we get an Endpoint Encryption error with the 0xe002001b code.   We can OK it out of the way, to get the normal Windows CTRL-ALT-DEL window.  When we CTRL-ALT-DEL, we get the same error box.  Neat!


      Going back to the WinTech CD, we aren't able to do anything because it doesn't see any remnants of Safeboot. 


      Because the drive is unencrypted, we were able to get the data we needed off of it, so we didn't put too much effort into it and are rebuilding it.


      Has anybody else had this happen?  If so, how did you resolve it?

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          hard to say without knowing what the original problem was, but most likely the issue was that the IT team did something to break EEPC, but left the GINA in place in the registry seeing as you seem to indicate there was a problem logging on?


          The solution of course is to use a WinPE disk, open the host registry and remove SBGina.dll from the winlogon key, replacing it with the correct original value from the SB-OrigGina key.

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            Thanks for the info.  Our tech guys have already started to reimage the machine, so we can't try it out, but we agree with you that this is probably the way to go.


            We used the WinTech CD to remove EEPC, so we think it was the repair install that hosed up what was left of EEPC on the machine. 


            Again, thanks for the info and the snappy response times.