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    Safeboot Issues

      I have a problem with a laptop that presents the following error:- fatal error loading system policy 0xEE120106


      I would like to know if the data on this encrypted disk is likely to be recoverable?


      Thank you in advance for your help with this

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          I have moved your post to Data Protection / Encryption: EEM Managed for better attention.


          Can you please provide as much info as possible with regards to version etc.




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            Thank you for the fast response.


            The Laptop was encryopted with EEPC version 5.X not sure exactly as the machine is remote to us.


            I am trying to ascertain the level of time involved in decrypt and recover files from the Cdrive of this machine as there were some files that the user says would be very usesful allthough there are older versions of the files available.


            Please let me know if there is any further information you require as I would have to ask offsite for this as the machine is not accessible to us at this time.


            Thank you

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              Are you sure you were using SafeBoot 5? This sounds like an EEPC 6 error to me. But yes, it's entirely possible to recover the files, just contact your EEPC company helpdesk, there's no reason they can't either drag the files off using EETech on WinPE, or simply decrypt the disk.