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    McAfee Update Causing Blue Screen of Death

      Hi everyone,


      I've been getting a blue screen of death everytime I reboot my computer after an update.  I've read the forums regarding this issue and there doesn't seem to be a fix.  All the threads seem to be from last year.  Has anything been resolved to fix this issue as of yet?  I've read from last year's posts that a network adapter needs to be updated.  I just wanted to know if there's something else without updating the adapter drivers. 


      I'm running Windows 7 Ultimate, Service Pack 1, 64-bit Operating System on a Dell Studio XPS 435T


      My versions of McAfee are: 


      SecurityCenter:  9.15


      VirusScan:  13.15


      Personal Firewall:  10.15


      If there isn't a true fix to this then I'm just going to uninstall it and use something else.  I was hoping not to because I have about 3 months left on my subscription and was hoping to extend them. 



      Thanks for any help




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          Sorry but I forgot to mention that I have VirusScan DAT version 6325.0000

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            I got the blue screen of death, too.  I contacted McAfee tech support 5 times in the last 3 days. Nobody could fix the problem.  I have 6 months left on my subscription and I will be quitting McAfee.


            I have a log of the last chat with a tech.  It would blow your mind if you read it.  I'd be willing to share if you'd like.


            After the latest update, I got a warning: 'Your system is at risk!  Real-Time Scanning is OFF'

            So, I opened the McAfee window and turned on real-time scanning.  In a few seconds, it turned off again.


            I contacted tech support and they used Remote Assistance to 'fix' my problem.  It didn't work.

            I contacted them again and the tech offered to send me an email with instructions on how to fix it myself!!! Duh.

            I said no, but he sent them anyway.

            I contacted them again and a tech spent hours tweaking my Internet Explorer settings, reinstalling McAfee, updating Mcafee and told my my problem was now fixed


            Shortly after that last chat, my operating system froze.  After rebooting, Internet Explorer didn't work.  I had to reinstall it.  And, Firefox wouldn't work.  And that's where I got the Blue Screen of Death.


            So, I finally completely uninstalled McAfee products and ALL MY PROBLEMS DISAPPEARED.


            After 13 years of being a loyal McAfee customer, I will no longer use McAfee.  I'm going to another product.

            If you want to see that chat log, I'll be happy to share it.  It will demonstrate why I am quitting McAfee.

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              longtimeuser, did you just drop by to say goodbye, or are you asking for assistance with this?


              A BSOD can have any one of a number of causes. Some malware simulates a Blue Screen of Death; there is a jokey little installation from SysInternals which does the same. Usually the cause is something to do with out of date drivers. You haven't given any information that might give a clue.


              If you would like us to help you, we'll do our best to resolve the problem. Could take a while though, and we would need your cooperation. If you want to give it a go, just let us know.



              mikemike, if you've read the threads (there are several, and I've been reading through them) you will know that Tony (Peacekeeper) takes a special interest in this subject. If you would like him to take over diagnosis of this problem, he's got more experience of it than I have. The subject is bound to be raised in the weekly conference call, so we might get some useful feedback then.


              In the meantime you could have a look at the following -

              1. McAfee Document TS101069 - "Blue screen error when the computer is restarted immediately after installing McAfee Security software".  Cause : WLAN Atheros driver (WLAN_Atheros (Foxconn) driver


              2. McAfee Document TS100278 - "Unpredictable computer behavior when using VirusScan on computers with Intel motherboards and the Intel 945 Chipset"


              3. "How To Disable Automatic Restart on System Failure (e.g. blue screen of death a.k.a. BSOD)"


              The first two may not apply, but they indicate that this is probably a low-level conflict on your system. Could be hardware, or software, or both.


              Edit - And never forget that a BSOD crash can be a sign that your machine has been infected with a rootkit, which (if true) really would be a cause for concern. There was a spate of BSOD complaints a year or so ago, which Microsoft eventually recognised as being caused by the Alureon rootkit. See "Microsoft: Got Bluescreen? Check for Rootkits"


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                Thanks for dobbing me in Peter,,,


                Mike first is where do you get your mcafee from? 9.15 is old . I assume you get yours from a partner ie your isp maybe. Current is 10.5 and 11.0 is being released to Mcafee subscribers as I type.

                Your dat is several weeks out of date current is 6339.


                Try running MVT it might see something keep the case number from the run. MVT in Technical support link in useful links tab above.


                Your PC is a dell the issue is I feel is the network driver which is an Atheros 1 I would assume.  The wireless part of it causes this issue? Update the network driver it should fix the issue if you have an atheros driver.

                Steps to check Version of network Adaptor:

                ·        Open Device manager

                ·        Right click on Computer

                ·        click on manage

                ·        In the left hand panel click on Device Manager

                ·        Right click on network adaptor

                ·        Click on property

                ·        Make sure if its WLAN Atheros driver Version

                ·        If not update the driver and make sure we get the latest.

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                  Hi Tony,


                  That seems to have done the trick (knock on wood lol).  I updated my WLAN Atheros driver to Version  I then updated McAfee and restarted and my pc started normally.  In fact, it updated to SecurityCenter 10.5 and VirusScan 14.5 with DAT version 6339. 


                  I should clarify for people who are reading this about my blue screen of death.  I don't know if it was a true bsod such as the ones in XP and old OS's but I would get this blue screen after the welcome windows screen.  It was blue like the desktop blue wallpaper that was the default in older windows OS's but the thing is that I have a photo as my desktop wallpaper.  I don't know what blue screens of death look like in windows 7 but it definitely wasn't like the old ones we've all come to know but it was blue though lol. 


                  Thanks for all your help Tony.  I hope that this simple update of the driver will help others as I know what they're experiencing and their frustrations. 


                  Take care,