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    epo migration

      I want to migrate my ePO server from window 2003 (x86bit) to Window Server 2008 R2 (x64bit). I do follow knowledgebase articles https://kc.mcafee.com/corporate/index?page=content&id=KB71078 for the migration procedure.  But still using the same database (Old database).



      Current ePO version

      Previous ePO Version

      Existing Server


      ePO 4.5 SP3 Hotfix1

      ePO 4.0 (and upgrade to ePO 4.5)

      New Server


      ePO 4.5 SP3 Hotfix1



      After we restore everything from existing to new server, dependency errors come out. I do check configuration communication between server and database but everything working fine. I also already restart services but problem still persist. I’m just realising that my previous ePO were using 4.0, and a lot of software installer version there that I believe only support in ePO 4.0.  Here the software that has been install within existing ePO server:


      1. Network Access Control Server.
      2. Policy Auditor Server.
      3. SiteAdvisor Enterprise.
      4. DLP.
      5. McAfee Risk Advisor.
      6. Endpoint Encryption Manager.
      7. Vulnaerability Manager Extension for ePO.
      8. Rougue System Detection Server.
      9. Supportability.
      10. Audit content update.
      11. Audit manager.
      12. Policy Auditor Agent.


      I do check with McAfee support, Rogue system detection server only support for ePO 4.0 not 4.5 (but already built-in RSD sensor not sever). This is one of the McAfee software that unable to install into the new server. Please advice any workaround regarding this issues? How we want to migrate existing ePO 4.5 server but still pointing to the old database?