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    Quick Clean

      Any advantages to Quick Clean over using windows disk clean up? Just wondering as I have not had a need to use it yet.

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          Peter M

          It brings Windows processes into play but you can specify particular processes in a slightly different way from the Cleanup Manager in Windows.   The Defragmenter is Windows own and that button simply activates that.  The Shredder can be programmed to shred a certain location only.


          Personally I don't use any of those SecureityCenter features.


          This section was set up when Quickclean used to be a standalone utility, that's why there aren't any for following years because it became Qucikclean 'Lite' and was incorporated within the tools interface of SecurityCenter.


          It really is a matter of personal preference if one uses those tools or Windows own.







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            Thank you!

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              Peter M

              You're welcome.