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    real time scanning

      I recently found a trojan during a scheduled scan on my computer.

      Shouldn't the real time scanner have caught this? I verified that it is turned on.

      Maybe a dumb question, but seems logical to me.

      thank you!

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          Hi Yogi156,

          You are right , Real time scanner is something that actively goes ahead and scans for viruses at times when any programs are installed onto your computer through a CD/USB/Memory stick . But, this sometimes becomes difficult if a user is intimated on the warning from Real time scanner about the download, but they accidently ignore and download the programs.

          Do you have any body else using this PC to download/surf sites ????  




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            My computer is always on, so anybody here might have access to it.

            My wife and adult son both are here, but they each have thier own computers, and deny using mine.

            Was infected yesterday, trojan, McAfee would not load/scan . internet stopped, pop-ups wanting me to 'activate antivirus'

            Only way I could find to work was to system restore in safe mode. Scans turn up clean now, but I wonder .......

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              Hi Yogi156,


              1. Make sure your McAfee Product is UptoDate

              2. Delete all the Tempory Internet File

              3. Run a full scan again


              LT Je

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                I did as LonelyTripper suggested, and scan came back clean.

                Thank You!

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                  virus / trojan is back.

                  C:\ format

                  goodby McAfee, no good if you can't keep me safe

                  Hello Norton

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                    You don't say what the name of the infection is. There are some infections that will get past McAfee - and Norton for that matter. Zero-day exploits are so-called because the first wave of malware goes unrecognised;, until the database is updated to deal with them they have a clear run. That's why regular updates of all your installed software - plus McAfee, plus Windows - is essential.


                    If it's been detected by a scan that means it's a known threat.


                    So what trojan is it? Give us a name and somewhere, there will be a description and a removal method.


                    Oh, and if you're getting pop-ups about running scans and telling you that you've got errors all over the place, it's probably a fake antivirus program - and they can be cleaned from your system.


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                      Was never detected by a scan. that's what bothers me.

                      "getting pop-ups about running scans and telling you that you've got errors all over the place, it's probably a fake antivirus program"

                      from what I can tell it was something called win7 total security

                      http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/protect/forum/protect_scanning/how-to-remove- win-7-total-security/645d8cdd-5156-e011-8dfc-68b599b31bf5

                      I still think a good antivirus program should be able to detect / repair..

                      Maybe I expect too much.....