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    Quarantine & Trusted Items

      I noticed cookies are being kept in 'quarantine potentially unwanted programs'.

      It appears they are all tracking cookies captured by McAfee during scans.

      Should I just select & delete all to keep them from accumulating?


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          Peter M

          You should be posting under SecurityCenter 2010 as the PC Optimization section is basically for obsolete applications.  So I moved it.


          You can tell SecurityCenter not to delete tracking cookies as many are necessary for websites to remember you.


          Double-click the taskbar icon to open SecurityCenter


          Click Virus and Spyware Protection


          Click Real Time Scanning and uncheck that, click Apply.


          Then if you wish you can restore those items from the Quarantined section.

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            Thanks for pointing out! I guess I could do that and then use 'SuperAntispyware' to delete them off if I want.


            However, if I want to delete quarantined cookies I would still need to delete them from 'quarantine potentially unwanted programs'. Just 'select all' then 'delete'. Correct?


            If you don't uncheck cookies f/scans they will continue to be scanned and accumulate in this quarantine folder after each scan.  So eventually you will need to delete them from the quarantine folder. Right!

            I see now where Peacekeepers idea about having an 'auto delete quarantine files after 30 days' feature would be nice.


            I'm just considering my options and want to confirm my thoughts.



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              Peter M

              Yes you'd have to delete them from the quarantine folders or else they would become too numerous.

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                Thank you!

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                  Peter M

                  I should add that sometimes, when the number of items in the quarantine folders is very high, the interface may freeze when trying to delete the contents.


                  If you have that problem post back and I'll post the procedure to manually delete them from within Windows Explorer.