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    ePO 4.6 update - "unable to scan password protected" event

      I came into work this morning to find 19,640 unhandled threat events on my dashboard.

      What an excellent start to friday, i'm thinking.



      I checked them out, and 16,522 of them are event 1051 - "Unable to scan password protected"



      BUT, I have event 1051 turned off in Event Filtering.  (Configuration -> Server Settings -> Event Filtering. -- Only Selected Events --- 1051 unticked)




      I'm not sure what has caused this to start happening.   I updated from ePO4.5 to ePO4.6 a couple of days ago.

      All the events have originated from 2 servers.

      I have performed an agent wake up call on those servers in the hope that this will prevent the events from continuing to be logged, so I will see how that goes.



      Is there a way to purge these events from ePO after the fact?   Every time I look at the spike to 20k in the malware detection graph I feel ill.


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