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    Policies not being enforced with VSE 8.8 ?


      We're using EPO 4.5 SP2 (build 937)


      I've added the appropriate stuff for VSE 8.8


      I used MID to make a custom build.  I left the Access Protection stuff as "normal", thinking that I'd just have EPO change what I Needed.


      However, it seems (so far about 50% of the time), after installing VSE 8.8, I'll look at the log, says policy enforcement in 5 minutes.  It enforces the policy, but then it seems to change everything EXCEPT the Access Protection stuff for some reason


      The only "fix" I've found is that I have to go into the EPO console, wake up the agent, and do a full policy enforcement.


      This is on a clean machine that never had VSE on it.


      It has the EPO agent on prior to installing 8.8


      I also see this on machines we're upgrading from 8.5 to 8.8 and 8.7 to 8.8


      I have no idea why just that one policy won't "enforce" and why it's random


      Even waiting a day (or rebooting, etc.) won't fix it, until I force a full policy enforcement


      is this a know bug?


      I'm using the SAME setup I used for 8.7 and that worked fine.

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          I'd suggest running our MER data collection tool on an affected client, and contact Support with the information - including your steps to reproduce, basic as they may seem.


          We can identify/confirm what the issue is and hopefully provide a simple solution.

          It is odd to only be a single rule that won't "enforce"... but that observation actually helps identify the nature of the problem.

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            Was afraid of that.  OH well guess I will reserve 4 hours or so to spend on the phone w/someone who doesn't speak english.


            On our machines that have 8.7i and upgrading to 8.8, some will enforce all the policies, and others will not.


            seems to be the Access Protection policy that's not enforced at all (on about 50% of the machines) along with the auto-update schedule not being removed (again on same machines)


            no rhyme or reason why EPO isn't applying the policy