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    Any way to keep current mass-mailing settings?


      Just set up EPO 4.6 the other day and will be using it to deploy VSE 8.8 to upgrade our current VSE 8.7. I've used EPO 4.0 in the past. I see in exclusions for on access there is a way to keep the current exclusions. Is there any way to do the same for mass mailing exclusions? What do you do if you have different mass mailing configurations for different machines. For instance I'm an admin and on my machine I have utilities that send email notifications out from my machine on port 25. These are like 10 different items. These utilities aren't on others machines. Does this mean I have to create a policy just for my machine and put my machine in it's own group in the System Tree? When I was setting up the System Tree I designed it figuring policies are applied to groups. Just seems silly in this case for me to have a group just for my machine. No biggee but still.