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    Unmountable boot volume after restore


      Found this thread where it mentions this could come from a system restore. This is the exact case for me. Could someone explain a little bit better on what exactly needs to be done. It says to get into the recovery console and "make a copy of serial.sys called safeboot.sys" ? Now when it says recovery console is that using the safetech disk? And am I copying serial.sys and renaming it safeboot.sys? Do I then keep serial.sys?




      The machine is a Dell E6410, running windows 7 with the newest encryption

      A06 Bios and AHCI


      Thanks for the help

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          the instructions you're looking at are to solve something else. The problem is that when you did a restore, you restored to a point in time PRIOR to the EEPC drivers being loaded into your registry. You now have an encrypted drive, and Windows does not know how to access it.


          Your only solution is to call your IT helpdesk and ask them to do a disaster recovery decryption of your machine using xTech, or copy the data off using WinTech and re-image it.  It's not really possible to fix this problem, though I guess using a WinPE CD someone with time on their hands could manually re-insert the registry keys for the algorithm and filter driver...

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            I am IT, I have all the tools that are needed to pull the files off which I have already done. I was just looking for a way to recover this in case it happened again.