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    Migrate ePO to new domain


      Hi All,


      Just looking for some information regarding anyone who may have done this in the past.


      I will be migrating the ePO server to a new domain - as far as i can tell ePO itself is not dependant on what domain the server is located in. However we are running EEPC as well (with out pre-boot) so there is an LDAP sync task that happens - my question is: is it possible to migrate to a new domain and still have encryption work (without a decrypt and re-encrypt)?


      -ePO version: 4.5 P3 (soon to be p4 hf1)

      -EEPC version 6.0.2

      -VSE 8.7 P3

      -EEFF 3.2.6 (EERM portion only)