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    Repository question


      Hey there,


      we are using epo 4.6 with agent


      We have different sites with distributed repositories, this works fine when i come from site A to site B, it gets everything from site B's repositiory.


      Now we have some notebooks that are off site for 2 or 3 weeks and do not regularly connect via vpn to the company network.


      Now the question:


      What do i have to change in settings so that these off site notebooks only get the DATs from the mcAfee HTTP repository, and not VSE Patches (if availible) when the user runs "Security Update" from the tray icon?


      Hope u can help me.





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          If you do update now then it will pull everything (DAT/Engine/patches) which is in the repository/HTTP site. I will suggest you to disable AutoUpdate from ePO server, create additional update task and select only DAT in it.

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            THX hem.


            With "disable AutoUpdate from ePO server" you mean the "Global Replication"?



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              No, I am not talking about Global update.


              In VSE console, there will be deafult Update task (Auto update) which will be scheduled to run at 5:00 PM local time.  It will pull everything whatever is in the repository.


              Please disable this task from ePO (Under policy=>VSE policy=>User interface=>check the box 'disable default AutoUpdate task schedule).


              In VSE 8.8, this option is in under General option policy=>disable default AutoUpdate task schedule.

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                Ah, ok.


                That is/was already disabled, just din't exactly know what u mean.


                Thx, all cleared now.