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    DAT Updates in Agent Handler 4.5 Environment - Not Working

      Need help badly.....


      I have setup an Agent Handler server a few months ago for my company.


      I have remote clients working well performing the ASCI from outside our network to our Agent Handler. The problem is that the clients will not update their DATs . The update task will hang for a good 30 minutes and than finally get the DAT through McAfee HTTP.


      I know that an Agent Wakeup Call will not work in this Agent Handler Environment but I have heard that the DAT updates to the Agent Handler cached repository is supported. I only have the Agent-to-server communication secure port open on the Firewall/DMZ bi-directional from my client to the Agent Handler.


      Is there any other configuration required?


      Is there another certificate that needs to be generated? I thought this was all done through TLS.


      Do I need to setup a repository for the Agent Handler in the McAfee Agent Handler Policy?