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      I pay for the program, the point of the program is for virus protection.  The first time I ever get a virus and I have to pay an additional fee is the last time I will ever buy your product.  If your product is not capable to do what it is designed to do then why sell it in teh first palce.

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          This has been moved into Security Awareness, Home User Assistance. I decided to create a new thread for this, so it's been branched from the earlier discussion.


          Yes, you pay McAfee for protection from viruses, Trojans, and other malware. Vista Security 2011 is not malware, and very few (perhaps none) of the other anti-virus vendors would have stopped this from installing itself on your system. It's an example of scareware, and mostly it gets installed because a user sees a prompt, a pop-up, a window, with a message and a button to click, and clicks on it. Even clicking Cancel will do it. Some scareware gets installed silently, as a result of visiting a poisoned webpage or as part of another download. But to McAfee and the others it's just a piece of software, and looks innocuous enough. Any damage is done by other programs which a fake might download once it starts running; but often it just sits on your system claiming to have found a thousand errors and asking you to pay for an upgrade/full version to fix and remove them.


          If you were looking for free help in fixing a problem, this is one of the places to come to (there are others). All we can do is help you to do things for yourself; McAfee paid-for assistance often includes remote assistance by one of the tech guys.

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            And while this is a great explanation as I said before.  The first time I had to pay more money then the intitial fee that I am already paying to have my PC"protected" would be the last business I ever did with the company that charged me.  If there are additional charges it should be well posted BEFORE you take my money not after I have an issue and what I mean by well posted is in teh same font and in the same listing as what is posted to get my money.  To advertise sbout how you are going to secure my PC in bold font in HUGE letters but tell me at the bottom in print only an ant can read about all the exceptions just does not work for me.

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              Hayton speaks the truth these fake AVs are usually not found well by the normal AVs.



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                Just curious : do you actually have any kind of malware infecting your system at the moment, or are you just staking your position in advance, so to speak?