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    New Knowledge Center page

      Here is a new "Knowledge Center" page. I've got several questions and would love to hear the Community's reaction:

      1. If you searched on a keyword, which resulted in several KB articles, what would you expect to see?
      2. If you searched on a product, what would you expect to see?
      3. Do you have to enter a keyword or product to get started on this page?
      4. The "Recent Searches" link will reveal your 10 most recent searches. Is this useful?
      5. Are other links (Product Reference, Add Another Product, and Search Tips) useful?
      6. If you didn't enter a search term or product and you clicked on the vertical tab "Technical Articles," what would you expect to see?
      7. If there are a very large number of search results, what filters do you want/need?


      Thank you all. Your feedback has been wonderful so far and I look forward to more!!!