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    latale xtrap trojan problem

      ok so anybody know how to solve this problem. mcafee detecting latales xtrap as a trojan anyway to fix this? besides turning my anti virus protection off......

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          What name did it say it was you should follow this faq and submit to Avertlabs. I assume it was an Artemis detection?



          use subject false+ve and name of virus and when they reply resubmit asking for a review

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            nvm readed the stuff they want its too much info....


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              Artemis as in part name of the detection name. What was the detection name? That should be in navigation history and logs and threats detected.


              Not that much info you need to disable Mcafee and zip up the file that is being detected. Password it password infected  and email it to the address in the faq. Re-enable Mcafee real time scanner


              In the email post your OS Mcafee version and dat version . Latter in the navigation and about option.


              You will get an automatic reply back if it says it is infected reply to the email leaving case number as is but adding false positive comment to subject.


              Ask for a review.


              If no solution in 4 days post back and I will ping 1 of the lab managers and stir him up. we have to go the submission path first.


              I will move this thread to the malware forum

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                La Tale is an online game developed by Actoz Soft. In 2007 Actoz entered into an agreement with Chinese game operator Shanda to open a server in China. There are home pages for this game in S Korea, China, and Japan as well the US. There seem to have been many problems with hosting this game on servers, and many changes of server over the past year.


                There are several site URLs which access this game. It would be helpful to know which one was used, because that might identify the server(s) which were hosting the game.


                X-Trap is LaTale's security program, produced by Outspark for a range of online games - "a tool to stop exploitation of our games". As such it must be considered as a target for hackers who want to circumvent the restrictions it imposes. However, this is not the first time McAfee has flagged X-Trap as a potential Trojan. There have been posts about this in June 2010 (problem fixed), October 2010 (unresolved) and March 2011 (unresolved). X-Trap must use anti-fraud detection techniques which look suspicious to an anti-virus program.


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