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    Cannot enable mcafee system icon on single system


      Right now on our systems we only show the shield with the red V in it, in the system tray. I would like to enable the agent icon (the big M) in the system tray.  I only want to do it on a few systems to show some others what it looks like and does, but when I enable it on a single system, it always makes the change at the organization level. I even break the inheritance for the single system but still it changes it for all the systems.



      How can I make the change for a single system?


      I'm running 8.7i and epo 4.5 patch 4.



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          Attila Polinger



          you can for example search for a system and when found, select it, then from Action menu - Agent - Modify Policies on a Single System. Then you have the chance to assign a different policy to this system in which there is the desired setting. You need to have a different policy otherwise the inherited policy will be changed.




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