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    Which database should I use?


      I'm ready to deploy ePO 4.6. Don't currently have it deployed but in the past tested 4.0. I had been waiting for 4.6 mainly because that was the first version to support SQL Server 2008 R2. However we have about 50 PCs (servers/desktops) so we're not a big environment. I see that ePO 4.6 still includes only SQL Express 2005 instead of say 2008 or 2008 R2. So my question is should I just let ePO install SQL Express 2005 or beforehand should I install SQL 2008 R2 Express and let it install there? I will be installing on a server that already has another product installed on it that uses a SQL 2005 based Windows Internal database.


      Thanks for the advice and opinion beforehand.


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          EPO compes with 2005 express so it gives u a 4 gb limitation per database, while 2008 r2 gives you a 10 GB limit per database so it would make sense to install it by hand. If you already have 2005 installed.. you can just create another database on that server.

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            Yeah the 4GB limitation I'm guessing though I would never reach with 50 PCs though. So the limitation not sure if it's a big deal for my environment. Performance gain in 2008 R2 once again probably not worth a consideration. The consideration I have is maybe at some point down the road 2005 will not be supported whereas 2008 R2 came out only like a year ago.