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    Mcafee Internet Security Suite 2011 show wrong version of software

      I just upgraded  by disk and allowed download from Mcafee. From Internet Security Suite 2010 to 2011. Mcafee uninstalled 2010 and then down loaded and installed 2011.

      But acording to Mcafee Document ID: TS101107. My build numbers do not match for 2011 products.


      My build numbers are as follow.  With what the Document states they should be.


      Security Center: 10.5         should be  11.x

      Virus Scan: 14.5                                   15.x

      Personal Firewall: 11.5                         12.x

      Site Advisor: 3.3                                    3.x

      Anti-Spam: 11.5                                    12.x

      Parental Controls: 12.5                         13.x

      Shredder: 10.5                                       11.x




      Also the maim Suite page on the right upper corner has  HOME, NAVIGATION, SUBSCRIPTION, HELP.  The Document shows that it should have for 2011 HOME, NAVIGATION, ABOUT, HELP



      Any help in resolving this issue or explaining why it shows this way. Would be greatly appreciated.



      Thanks for the help in advance.




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