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    Uninstall Total Protection

      I just tried to install McAfee Total Protection (version 10.5.227) onto a computer running Windows 7 that already had McAfee Enterprise Virus Scan, SiteAdvisor, and AntiSpyware on it. The program said that it installed after downloading the 150 MB or so file, but I can't open or do anything with Total Protection. The icon shows up in the notifications (in the lower right corner by the time) but not on the desktop. After a reboot the information window for Total Protection shows before closing itself (it's just the notification that Total Protection is "protecting" the computer). The Enterprise products were all disabled after (by?) the download.


      I tried to uninstall Total Protection through the Control Panel, but when I click to uninstall the program (it IS listed) in Add/Remove Programs, nothing opens/happens. I tried going into the McAfee folders under Program Files, but no new files seem to have been added. I clicked through each of the folders that said they had been updated today, but all of the files in them were updated months ago (so I'm assuming they're from Enterprise).


      How can I remove the Total Protection without needing to reinstall the Enterprise products?


      Please help!



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          I am unsure if installing TP4 has messed up enterprise you can only try the removal method and its tool and see what happens after you reboot.

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            Would this still leave the Enterprise programs installed? I saw this before but wasn't sure if the "Consumer Product" removal included ALL McAfee programs currently installed.





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              As far as I know only consumer but installing consumer might have messed enterprise up. I will get a business mod to popin


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                I doubt that consumer products would uninstall enterprise products via the install process.


                Can i ask why you are installing  consumer products over enterprise products anyway? as if you are going to connect to the corporate network again, then it would get re-installed and cause lots of issues if you have a consumer product installed already.


                Best thing to do is uninstall everything first- uninstall TP first, then uninstall VirusScan antispy module, VScan enterprise and the mcafee agent. (which may say its in managed mode.)


                Also, you said in your first post:

                How can I remove the Total Protection without needing to reinstall the Enterprise products


                i'm confused- why would you need to reinstall VSE?


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