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    How to add user in EE managed with EPo



      I have done the following step:


      1. in the EPo, go to Data Protection>Encryption User> and check MyWorkStation

      2. The Action>Add User> add user1, user2 from userGroup, and let the organizational unit left blank.

      3. Back to my organization, Action> View User, the confirm user1 and user2 is included.

      4. My wake-up call to MyWorkStation, and confirm from the agent log that policy update is done successfully.

      5 Reboot MyWorkStation and got the EE Login Box. When put user1 on the dialog box, EE Shown Error EE050002 Unknow User.


      My question is:

      1. Are agent wake up call to specific client did not enough to update EE user for that specific workstation?

      2. What step we must done to ensure that user is updated?


      I am a newbie to this product, your help is deeply appreciated.




      Found a known issue similar to this in KB.


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