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    Failing client tasks

      I'm trying to deploy an updated HIPS agent to a test group of systems via a product deployment client task. The 'Run at every policy enforcement (Windows only)' option is checked; the schedule is set for daily and repeats every hour between 12:01 AM and 11:59 PM. and I've done agent wakeups


      The client task was configured last Thursday, and none of the clients, except for one (out of 45), seems to have successfully gotten the update yet. I've experienced in the past that the product deployment client tasks frequently take a day or two to 'catch', but this is the longest time I've gone without success.


      I changed the IPS policy applied to this particular OU, thinking the HIPS self protection could be blocking the update. No go.


      The clients have Symantec endpoint protection running, which I don't have control over. Is it possible the Symantec endpoint protection might be blocking the update? (a previous group of 40 or so systems did get the update after about 3 days, even with the Symantec running).


      Any suggestions?


      HIPS agent, ePO 4.0 Patch 6