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    DAT not up to date

      I have McAfee's AntiVirus Plus 2011 on my home computer and it appears that this DAT problem (of not updating) has been around for years.  While under Home and Home Office, I queried for a way to manually update the DAT file - mine is looking for 6325 but found only 6319.  The results came back with a new security update (today's date) but its under Business Home as 6327xdat.exe.  Assuming I can't use this because of the reference to a Prime Support Agreement, is there something else I can use?  Its been working fine except for the last three days.  I've done the chat "thingy" and let them take over my computer but I expected them to say uninstall/reinstall based on what I had previously read and that's what happened.  BUT, because some people have had problems reinstalling, I'm hesitant to uninstall.  It tells me my computer is at risk until I start running the "install updates" - it then switches to "your computer is secure - no action required."  <<heavy sigh>>  Any ideas?