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    Updating Question


      I was wondering how do I update my version of Security Center and etc to the latest version.  Out of my 5 computer, 3 of them have higher versions of the Firewall, Anti-Spam, Security Center, and Site-Advisor.  The other two have only been updating the Anti-Virus, while whenever my other 3 gets an update for the Firewall, Anti-Spam, Security Center, or Site-Advisor, and I try to update the other 2.  They can't get that update only the Anti-Virus.


      Also, I don't want to uninstall my Mcafee to reinstall it.  I don't want to run the risk of having no protection.

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          Peter M

          Everyone will eventually be upgraded to 2011 but it takes time and not all servers have it yet.   It wont be long before you get it on all your installations.


          I would imagine that the machines that haven't yet updated are on a different McAfee server from the others - which hasn't yet got the upgrades.

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            I am not talking about updating to 2011, all I know is that my 3 computers listed that I update the Security Center in April, while the other two said that I update my Security Center in Feburary.  And now it is already May and i still can't get the other two computers to update their Security Center, Anti-Spam, Firewall, or Site-Advisor to the more update version.  Since, it seems that since the other two computer's version for the Security Center is too old, it can't update its Anti-Spam, Firewall, or Site-Advisor.

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              Peter M

              Neither have mine so I wouldn't worry, it is still in the process of slowly being released.

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                I see.  It is just that it feels like my other two computers are less protected because they have an older version of the Security Center and everything except for the Anti-Virus.  Also, it seems that I made a mistake, my 3 computers were update in Feburary and has the Build 10.5.227 for the Security Center, while the other 2 were update in December or Janurary with the Build 10.5.221 for the Security Center.

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                  Peter M

                  Technical Support Online Chat might be able to clarify the version numbers, but thewy don't mean much to me, mine's 10.5.227.


                  The only sure fire way of getting the very latest is to uninstall, run the MCPR removal tool, reboot and reinstall from the online account.

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                    It seems that just recently there was an update for the McAfee Security Center.  Of course, over the week all of my computer that had the 10.5.227 version of the Security Center was able to update to the newest version which is 10.5.237.  However, the two computers that had the slightly outdated Security Center (ver. 10.5.221) was unable to download the update.


                    To clarify, when I was checking for updates, it found the update.  But when it was at the downloading update step, in about 10 to 20 seconds it would just show a message An Error Occurred with a done button for me to click.  The reason that I know this update which can't be downloaded for some reason is the Security Center is that when I tried updating McAfee a hour later, the downloading update step worked but it was only for the Anti-Virus.  As soon as that update was installed, I ran the check for updates again and again it found the Security Center update, but when it reaches the downloading updates step.  It would always give me An Error Occurred message.  I have tried this over the last 2 to 3 days with the same results everytime.


                    I would like to know how can I fix this, so I can download the lastest Security Center version, since I know that the program has found the update.  Also, I want to try to avoid uninstalling McAfee, so that I can reinstall it because I don't want to leave my computer unprotected.  Also, what is this MCPR tool?

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                      Peter M

                      As long as you don't try surfing or downloading it should be OK.  MCPR is the McAfee cleanup tool, it cleans out remnants of the old software.

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                        I wasn't surfing the internet or downloading anything.  I right clicked the McAfee icon and clicked Check for Updates after I turned on my computer.  The only thing that I did while trying to update the Securtiy Center, was checking for updates for McAfee.  So do you know why I got this An Error Occurred message?

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                          Peter M

                          I meant as long as you don't do that during the uninstall/reinstall routine.   You can download the MCPR tool and 'save as' to your dekstop, do the same with the software installer, save as to your desktop.


                          That way once you've removed the software, run the MCPR tool and rebooted you'll have everything ready.

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