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    Problem to get the Inventory




      I'm testing the last version of Application Control before deployment in my network; and the Inventory not works.


      I do the next things:

      - Deploy the Agent.

      - Enable the Agent (with the option Perform Initial Scan to create whitelist).

      - Reboot the System.


      Everything OK at this moment.


      I create the client task to get the inventory, file in C:\solidcore\scinv is created and in the log in the client all is rigth.


      In Reporting -> SolidCore -> Client Task; the task about inventory are missing, and the Server Task to Index don't have anything to index...


      Any ideas?





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          - Check the inventory client task if that's configured properly

          - Run client task

          - Run indexing server task

          - In reporing - check if the client task ran successfully.


          If still it's not happening - check host status and licensing either from ePO or CMD line. Still issue persists- contact support.


          - AB