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    What I Want in ePO 5.0

      Hi there,


      ePO as its is a jewel in McAfee's crown. Super Agents and Agent Handlers have made administration easier. However, I would want the following in the next major revision of ePO:


      1. Hot Standby or Active/Active Clustering - agent handlers and super agents aren't alternative to ePO. If it requires two separate databases, I'm fine with it as long us both the servers have near failure information. It would be interesting to know how this changes master/slave repository architecture currently available.

      2. Application Level Clustering - Microsoft Windows Enterprise License is damn expensive; almost 4 times that of Standard Edition. Windows Clustering also requires external storage. I would like ePO to provide clustering independant of OS. Like in Lotus Domino/Notes. It would cut down costs.

      3. MMC Plug-In - Web interface is good and usable. However I think its getting crowded. I would like an MMC (Microsoft Management Console) plug-in that would allow me to administer the ePO server from within a familiar MMC interface

      4. Built-in backup/restore tool - This can be a separate tool altogether. However, it would be great to have this feature under "Automation" section of ePO. This should backup configuration, extensions, products, etc... basically an automated version of KB66616. SQL backup excluded

      5. Customization options for sitelist.xml during the creation of agent installer. Yes, we can manually edit it. But automation removes errors and frustruation.

      6. Documentation - OS/ePO/Database hardening document for dedicated ePO servers in a Windows environment.


      I would appreciate if others can pour in their comments and suggestions.





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