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    It would be nice.... and a question


      It would be really nice in epo to have an encrypt now, or remove encryption option built in.  This is similar to rogue sensors where on an machine i can  select a machine and select rogue sensors -> Install rogue Sensor or remove rogue sensor.  Being able to quickly deploy or remove encryption would be nice.  I am finding it difficult to transition from the EEM managed encryption to the EPo managed.  Seems like it takes a lot more effort to encrypt a single machine.  It would also be nice if EPO was able to generate an .exe for encryption that included the agent and 6.1 software like it does for the the FRAMEPKG.EXE.  I think transitioning a large group off the old MME to EPO is gonna be quite a task.


      Also,  am i correct when you move computers from the old Console to EPO through the utility the password should go with it and not give the user the default password?


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