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    "Computer at Risk!" (but everything seems fine)

      I just joined "the community" because I have a question about Internet Security 2011 that I can't seem to find the answer to. I am not very adept at navigating my way around web sites. I searched McAfee hoping that there was some way that I could post a question and receive a response but I was unsuccessful. Perhaps I won't have any better success here.


      My problem is that a couple of days ago a McAfee alert popped up telling me that my computer is at risk. My subscription is active so that is fine. The only way I can get the alert to disappear is to manually run Update but when I do this nothing updates as everything is up to date. I tried the Virtual Technician and after it finished doing whatever it does it told me that everything was just fine. So, what's with the alert? This happens every time that I wake up my computer. Any ideas?