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    EPO 4.0 SQL Upgrade

      We are in the process of planning to upgrade our EPO 4.0 Server to Sql 2005 form SQL 200 SP3.  I have found a Microsoft Book on the upgrade process.  Should we run the SQL 2005 Upgrade Advisor or not?  After the migration to SQL 2005 the book lists several steps to complete:


      1.  Register Server

      2.  Set Database compatability to 90.  I assume this cannot be done until the EPO is upgraded to 4.5.

      3.  Execute Update Statistics

      4.. Update USeage Counters

      5.  Configyre the surface area

      6.  Repopulate full-text catalogs.


      Are all of these post migration steps needed?  Just looking for some advice from someone who has already completed this process.