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    Duplicate Licence



      I had bought Dell Laptop with Mcafee preinstalled recently and there was some problem with the hardisk Dell provided. So Dell replaced

      my laptop with a new Harddisk. In the new Harddisk, I renewed my Mcafee licence. In the Mcafee My account page, it showed me

      that there were two licences and asked me to deactivate one of the licences (Note: I had given same PC name for both my old and new laptop).

      So I deactivated one of the licence, but Mcafee deactivated my current licence too. Please help me to resolve this issue

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          You may need to contact Customer Service since you deactivated a license and McAfee deactivated one and explain to them what happened.

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            They I fear will have problems I have been 2 weeks trying the same via their level 1 and 2 techs and suggestions from other mods.


            My son in law connected an external bootable disk to his pC and mcafee decided it needed a licence so gave it 1. We removed the disk and deactivated the licence but the other (same name) licence kept being turned off(deactivate in 7 days)


            You can call chat customer service or try below first


            Ok I have 2 subscriptions on each of 2 accounts so am a bit better setup to beat this but this is what I suggest first.


            1. ensure other licence deactivated.

            2. rename PC

            3. verify subscription (right click on shield)

            4. update this allows the new name to be shown in the account list.

            5 run the subscription repair tool

            6 ensure you reenable the access protection you disabled in the 1st step of the faq.

            7. reupdate and check the state of the subscription on the home page of the Mcafee GUI. (open mcafee)


            There is a possibility of the subscription deactivating but showing active till the last day. This happened to me so watch it daily if you get past 1 week you are free. So I moved the subscription to another account.


            What I said above is several items more than chat will do . I have last eweek called them myself as the stuck licence was on a trial and I cannot see the deactivate option on trials. They dis what I posted above all bar the rename option.


            In discussions with both T2.5 and T3 techs re this as it appears to be a bug in the account setup.

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              Any update re this?