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    ePO 4.5 Lost Password

      Hi guys,


      I'm new here in McAfee community and a newbie in McAfee ePO too.


      I am studying ePO 4.5 and have a VMWare for testing of some functionalities of it. My question is what if I lost or forgot my password in ePO? Is there a way that I can retrieved the lost password?


      Hoping for your good feedback.

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          Sailendra Pamidi

          Typically its advisable to create more than one Global Admin account and store the password for the other account in some safe place and never use the account other than for emergency purpose.


          If you don't have any additional account and forgot the password, you will need to escalate a case to McAfee support who will be able to help (KB60112).

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            Hi Sir,


            Thank you very much!

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              You can also extract a user from another EPO Server. Just take a look at this SQL Statement. :-)


              -- Adds a User to EPO Database

              -- User: Administrator

              -- PW: XXXX

              -- UserRights: Global Administrator


              insert into dbo.OrionUsers (Name,AuthURI,Admin,Disabled)

              VALUES('Administrator', 'auth:pwd?pwd=b5SvrVIWEQbyMRDCu2aWkfwZKvPcM2qG','1','0')



              - Define a Global Admin on a EPO Server.

              - Copy the values from the dbo.OrionUsers table

              - Udpate the SQL Statement above and generate a user.


              Best regards,


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                Sailendra Pamidi

                While this may work - from a support standpoint any complications that may arise because of error in updating the tables will put the installation in an unsupported state.