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    Firewall Cannot be "Turned On"

      My AOL Edition of Security Center forced me into a "Renew" and completely deleted version 9.15 and installed new 2011 version, (Firewall 11.5.141). The new GUI window indicates everything is fine and my PC is safe. However, when I select the "Firewall->Settings" the indication there is the Firewall is "Off." When trying to "Turn On" the button flashes to on then instantly back to off. All the settings are preset and grayed out. I've been online with support several times and they advise me to download and run "MCPR2.exe" to remove the McAfee software and reinstall via "daol.aol.com/security". I have done this 4 times but the result is always the same. The Firewall is On in the Home page but Off within the Firewall window and settings cannot be changed.

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