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    Query to create master 'assigned users' table?


      Is there anyway to create a query that produces a table to show all assigned users to all encrypted systems?


      Our mgnt policy is one user per machine and when i'm doing a batch of 30 or so at a time i move them into a group and assign users,  add a description (long user name) per machine.


      It would be very helpful to check that the correct users are assigned to each machine before i bulk move them to the correct group for encryption instead of having to check them individually that they have the correct user assigned.


      I've tried without success to create a query thru the console, so SQL would be fine too.


      I discovered that when you view users through the console, it uses the EPE_SystemUsers SP.


      I've had a look at that and its a bit beyond my SQL ability on how to join all the tables.


      It would be good to see what machines we may have users assigned to that shouldn't be there- I have noticed that when assigning users to systems, sometimes they are not added and you need to add them again and sometimes they mysteriously assign themselves to different machines!


      So a dynamic table would be great to keep constant track of things.