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    how uninstall online backup

      i tried to uninstall online back up by going through the control panel and then selecting uninstall but it has left a bunch of files in the 'program files' folder. How should i uninstall mcaffee to successfuly remove it completely? can i just delete the remnants remaining in the 'program files' folder? this seems a bit crude. thanks

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          Hi paulb_mc,

          If you installed the integrated version of the client software (by clicking the link to install McAfee Online Backup inside Security Center), you will not see Online Backup listed in Windows Add/Remove Programs. To uninstall the integrated version, you must uninstall your McAfee suite, uninstall Online Backup. Please click on Useful links at the top of the page and run MCPR & reboot the PC . Sometimes, it leaves behind MOBK folders in the C: , but they do not mean the programs still exist, its rather null.

          And if you have installed the standalone version of MOBK – you can remove the same from add/remove programs.




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            Hi Dinz, thanks for the quick reply. I installed the stand alone version and thus uninstalled it using add/remove programs. The problem is that it left a mess behind ie it left these files lying in the 'program files' folder. You're saying it's ok to just delete these files? this seems rather adhoc and not ideal, i.e. i'd rather have an uninstall that cleans up thoroughly

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              Issues with the uninstallation of MOBK haven't come up in the past. Recently I have heard of a few instances however I haven't received any details yet. Support is looking into these issues and is working on some solutions. At this time I don't have a specific application specific steps.


              One option you could try is to reinstall MOBK, ensure that it is working and then uninstall it again. If the application still fails send me an email through the form.


              Other than attempting to remove MOBK have you made any changes to your system, new apps, new hardware, OS Service Patche, Browser Version? It is possible that this issue has surfaced do to an external influence.