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    Not much help from McAfee Support (with my Email Inbound Filtering!)

      Hi folks,


      Not sure where to point this one -  I guess it might at least be noticed here, even if it needs to be moved!


      Now that I have given up hope of ever getting any decent support from McAfee, I hope someone else here can help or pitch in an idea!


      On 27th of March I bought the Saas Inbound email filtering product, as my small company gets lots of spam. As of today (21st April) it still doesn't work! Despite numerous promises of "call-back in 2 hours", escalation, etc. there seems to be no continuity of support (different people each time) and I seem to understand more about the MX records than the "Gold Support" people I have spoken with! I still don't know if the problem is with McAfee's software or not, but then neither does McAfee! Support in the UK seems to be quite sparse and outsourced to India?


      I have a hosted (with an ISP) email solution with cPanel access to change MX records, addresses etc etc. Using the settings I have been given by McAfee (MX records etc) the product will not work. If I take out my existing MX record & replace it with McAfee's, NO incoming email arrives! Everyone gets their mail bounced back to them. If I add the original back, I'm back to unfiltered emails. If I leave mine at a priority of 0 and McAfee's at 10, then "some emails seem to go to McAfee!


      The last person who called me said he'd call back but never did. Instead I received an email telling me it was now working! Well, it isn't!!! This person also didn't understand about MX record priority! He also tried to send me a test email which didn't arrive and turned into 6 emails once it arrive in the mxlogic server! Wow! Gold Support????


      I have now stopped using the software and returned my MX record back to it's original value until I understand what is going on, as I can't afford to wait for the next person from McAfee to join in the guessing process.


      I called McAfee and was told my account manager would be in touch, as I said I'd had enough.... Guess what? I'm still waiting, days later...... I have to conclude that while some of McAfee's products may be really good, they may be let down by pathetic support!


      I'd appreciate any suggestions and help from you guys to either obtain a refund, or maybe even get it working!


      Thanks in advance


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          Sorry for your frustration, Can you please provide us with your support ticket number  so that we can go through your records here and help you  in this case.

          Alternatively I have moved this thread to the appropriate section and your would be helped by our saas expertssoon.




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            Hi Graeme,

            Have you checked the receiving server logs to find the cause for Inbound Email issue? However this request has been escalated to the next level support in order to get the additional information to resolve Mail delivery issue.


            Thanks & Regards


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              Hi JP,


              We have decided to abandon this product within our company. We bought it on 27th March 2011 and after a month we feel it isn't worth spending any more time on trying to get it working in our environment. As we explained earlier, our ISP hosts our mail/server and all we have is cPanel access to basic mail functions. We do not know how to access the logs you refer to. This was made clear during one of the conversations with one of your colleagues. Simply, we're out of our knowledge comfort zone!


              We bought the product as a cheap solution to an irritating problem. The product may well be excellent, but we feel let down by poor support and bad continuity. Promised phonecalls which never came. Responses taking days. Support engineers who did not seem to understand MX record priority. We were without email for an entire day following McAfee support advice.... All in all, we are very disappointed with our experience and felt we wished to share this with the community to hopefully prevent other, less knowledgeable users, like ourselves, having the same experience.


              Kind Regards



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                Sorry for the inconvenience Graeme,


                Our Message Audit results show that emails pass through the McAfee server and same has been delivered successfully to the receiving server.

                Looks like there was a loop on the side of receiving server repeating the messages.


                If possible contact your ISP regarding same issue-

                checking the receiving server logs / doing message tracking would resolve this issue.


                This request has been escalated already with the information provided.will keep updated on the progress.


                Thanks & Regards