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    Re Quick Clean in PC Optimization

      Up until recently I've been successful in removing all detritus from my computer using Quick Clean. But lately there are a pesky 69 danglers that refuse to be removed. Can anyone advise how I can seek these out and get rid of them?

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          To remove these you could try Piriform's CCleaner.

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            Hi Terrybear,


            Would you be able to provide us more information on the nature of the files you are trying to get rid of but are not getting removed from Quick Clean. We'll use the information to look into enhancing the capabitlity of QuickClean so that you are able to clean your PC in one shot. Appreciate your feedback!



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              Out of desperation I asked for assistance via McAfee tech chat this morning, and an efficient lady remotely took over my computer and sorted out this issue, once and for all. Clean slate once again via Quick Clean. As for what those mysterious clinging files were exactly remains a mystery--- at least to me.  I am most grateful.  Well done, McAfee people. Many Thanks!  An enhanced capability for QC in the future would certainly gain my enthusiastic vote.  No doubt I shall see clingy nuisance files again one day soon. A super trash basher of sorts from McAfee is something we can all look forward to, certainly.