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    Cannot install Internet Security 2011



      When I install the Internet Security product on my Toshiba L45 laptop running Windows 7, I get a Blue Screen Of Death BSOD as it starts the install. The BSOD reports the driver mfehidk.sys as the problem. The install runs the langsel executable. During support calls as detailed below, the agent has been unable to launch install.exe (or was it setup.exe) it spun up the cd drive, appeared to be reading the files, but then suddenly stopped executing.



      I have an outstanding service call with McAfee support Service Request number 484570-666067976.


      After having the online chat option twice, and an escalation to Tier 2 support, the problem has not been resolved. The last phone call I received was on

      12/04/2011 with the arrangement for a follow up call after he had discussed the issue with his supervisor. It was agreed that the follow up call would be on the following day 13/04/2011 after 11:00am, but I am still awaiting the phone call.


      If anyone can help with this issue I would be most grateful, as it has now become urgent since I cannot put the machine on the network without the software up and running.


      I purchased this software to replcae a Norton 360 subscription, however if this isn't resilved shortly, I will need to request a refund from McAfee and renew the Norton subscription.



      Any help appreciated.






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          Since I posted this message, I had a voicemail message stating that it was a follow up call to my support issue, and that he would send a follow up email. Alas no return telephone call number was left , and more importantly no follow up email. I have sent emails to the tier2 escalations email, but still had no reply from anyone.


          Is there anybody out there who can advise me so that I can successfully install the software? Or perhaps, the best way to be able to contact the support team involved?







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            I apologize for the delay that you have been experiencing and I have asked someone to help you as soon as possible.

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              1 BSODs with win 7 64bit and amd cpus in Toshiba PCs issue is fixed in an update starting Late September

              2. Other BSODS or booting issues following an update could be network drivers see this post


              not sure if this affects above mfehidk01 error but worth a look

              Unsure why yours doing this as fix was in Sept 2010. Is yours Win 7 64bit?

              The BSOD what message re the BSOD shows

              IRQ less thn etc or another?

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                I can confirm, that it is a Toshiba AMD chipset and running 64 bit Windows 7.


                If it was fixed in september last year, how do I get hold of a new installation set? I am assuming that the cd from the box set I have bought must be prior to the fix.


                The BSOD reports the IRQ less than error.









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                  Post your version details. Go to navigation and about. ( OK dumb me you haven't installed it so no version details)



                  Hmm I wonder re norton did you remove it with its removal tool before installing Mcafee?


                  Ok way might be to create an account and install from that account. That gives you the latest version. Customer service might be able to help you set up an account as you have the cd and code .


                  Try them (link in useful links tab above) and if no chop I will get a high level tech to contact you. I also passed this up the line


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                    I did remove Norton with the uninstall option and then ran the norton removal tool to be sure everything was clean.



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                      I have created an account but there doesn't seem to be a way of adding to my products without purchasing the product again. Also there is only the single user option available whereas I have bought the 3 user version.


                      Looks like I need a techie to either add my product to my account and then I get to download the latest version of it, or support provide with with a downloadable installation set.



                      Could you escalate this for me please. I would be most grateful.





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                        I have but you contacting customer service via the useful links tag above will be faster. Phone calls within 30 days purchase free to support and CS. Alternatively chat works as well but phone better


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