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    What happens if number of licenses are exceeded?




      I've searched through the Communities and support documents but can't find the answer.


      We have 2 ePO servers (with policy replication enabled from one to the other).  The company has purchased 10,000 EEPC licenses and installed the relevant key (the same) on each ePO server.  We are about to place an order for many more EEPC licenses to meet our rollout plan but they may not arrive in time.


      Two sets of questions are being asked:


      • What will happen if the number of EEPC-enabled units in the infrastructure exceeds the number of licenses purchased?  Do we simply get a warning, will some functionality be limited or will EEPC stop working altogether?  We have many inactives that could be cleaned up - are they affecting the license count?
      • Does our situation mean that, theoretically, we'll be OK with up to 10k units on each server (we're NOT intending to do this, it's just hypothetical) before the situation in the previous questions presents itself?


      Thanks in advance...