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    Product deployment

      Hi to all,


      I'm using epolicy Orchestrator 4.5 and I started to deploy VirusScan Enterprise (installed Agent

      Several client in my Organistaion have been upgrade fine to the new version of VirusScan, but if I run the Query "Failed Product Deployment in the Last 24 Hours "

      there are some client with the following error

      Agent GUID:3D968CA3-C1CD-4F5D-A572-DAC7E1245180
      Event ID:2412
      Received UTC:4/20/11 12:55:30 AM
      Detected UTC:4/20/11 12:02:06 AM
      Host Name:WP169
      User Name:603, administrator
      IP Address:192.168.xx.xx
      Product Code:EPOAGENT3000
      SP HotFix:
      Extra DAT Names:
      Event Type:
      Error Code :UpdateErrorCode.26
      Site Name:McAfeeHttp
      Initiator ID:EPOAGENT3000
      Initiator Type:DeploymentTask


      Could you exp0lain me what does it means ?