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    Can I turn off or opt out of mcagent

      I Dont mind being cooperative but the mcagent related service really needs to yeild my computer to ME when I want to use it.

      It slows my computer down more than alot and I want to know if there is a way to tell it to move on to

      someone elses computer , or to opt out altogether.This may not be the correct forum for this.

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          Peter M

          McAgent is an essential part of the software and shouldn't be meddled with.  That said, there used to be a memory leak issue with it but it was fixed long ago.   Can you clarify what version of McAfee this is by double-clicking the taskbar icon to open SecurityCenter and then clicking Navigation, top right, then About.


          Also information on your operating system, service pack and installed memory (RAM) might help.

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            Thank you for the reply . My version is 10.5 . after searching this website for a clue about what on earth is going on with this mcagent , some months ago. I had a email exchage with McAfee Personel who informed me that

            McAfee was indeed using my computers CPU power. That and the info that I did find on this website about mcagent. gives me the Idea that mcagent is some service for corporate customers that I have not been able to Identify , that offers them computing power. mcagent seems to be a complex system for running this service.

            Thats fine. But if my assumptions are correct. I say ME FIRST.

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              Peter M

              What is your operating system and service pack and available RAM?  (Asked previously)


              The issues with mcagent hogging resouces was solved back last September, so it is possible that your installation is corrupted somehow.


              You could try a couple of alternatives...


              1.  Uninstall, use the MCPR cleanup tool, (see Useful Links at top of page), reboot and reinstall from the online account.  This may give you the new 2011 product which is more streamlined.


              2.  Contact Technical Support Chat and have them connect with your machine to see what's going on (also under Useful Links above).


              Mcagent explanation from a Google search:


              McAfee Security Center Agent. If you have the desktop/home version of a McAfee security product such as VirusScan, this task communicates with the McAfee servers over the Internet and checks that your PC has the latest virus signatures and software updates. It also picks up the latest virus alerts. If you do not have the latest virus signatures then this task instructs the update engine (MCUPDATE) to download the updates.


              If this PC is on a corporate network and it is running the network versions of McAfee AntiVirus, then this task communicates with the central network fileserver and ensures that the end-user PC has the latest McAfee virus signatures and software updates which the fileserver has to offer - it also downloads the latest alerts if there are any. If you do not have the latest virus signatures then this task instructs the update engine (MCUPDATE) to download the updates.




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                Thank you for your reply and the exellent explanation of mcagent from google.

                There is a very interesting diagram of systems accoiated with mcagent buried in this web site somewhere.

                But it is over my head although it did help me form my apparenty unfounded speculation about its purpose.

                I appreciate your answers. they sound good. I think however that without actually knowing how much CPU

                power this process is supposed to use. I will not follow your advise YET.

                I had McAfee remove a virus about 5 or so months ago. and I get regular notifications about updates having been installed. Obviously I want mcagent for the google expanation and I suspect this process occurs at 3am.

                because of a certain unavoidable amount of slowing. but I dont know.

                I fail to see how it would take so long and transfer so much data to accomplish this check.

                I am just just a curius type.


                thank again.


                system is XP with SP3  Pentium(R) 4 CPU 2.80 GHz     0.99 GB of Ram.


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                  Peter M

                  I think it checks or polls for updates every 4 hours or so and then the actual update can occur at any time in a 24 hour period.   You can have it notify you first when an update is available if you don't want to experience that slow down that inevitably occurs when it happens.


                  That's why I was asking for details on your system and memory as this has a bearing on how it acts.  For instance, on my system updates go completely unnoticed except when they ask for a reboot occasionally.


                  Double-click the taskbar icon to open SecurityCenter

                  Click Updates

                  Click Settings

                  Choose 'Download updates but notify me before installing'

                  Click Apply.