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    Can I install 2nd ePO server on my Domain




      I would really appreciate if anyone can advice me on the following matter.


      I have an ePo server 4.0 on a windows 2003 virtual machine and I need to upgrade it to win 2008r2 server and install the ePo 4.6 version.

      Do you think that I can install the new server with the newer version 4.6 and run in paraller with the old ePo server running 4.0?


      I cannot upgrade my old ePo server's OS due to hard disk capacity. For that reason I have to preapare a new ePO server from scrach, but I do not want to remove the old one from the domain until the new one is up and running with all policies configured etc.


      Can I have 2 different version of epo servers on a single domain and monitor diferrent computers i.e  computers in one department to be monitored by the new server????


      Thank you in advance !!!

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          Sailendra Pamidi

          Yes - you can install ePO 4.6 separately on the Windows 2008 R2 server and run in parallel. Agents will report (managed) by only one ePO server at any given time. You can then slowly migrate all the agents to report to the new server by doing a forceinstall of the agent from the new server.


          You however cannot upgrade the ePO 4.0 OS to windows 2008 R2 and still remain supported since 4.0 is not supported on Windows 2008 x64 and R2. However, ePO 4.0 supports Windows 2008 32 bit with ePO 4.0 Patch 3 onwards. Please refer to KB51569 for supported enviroments.

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