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    How to deploy MFA 4.0 on Server 2k

      I have a single Win2K server that I need deploy MFA 4.0 with my ePO 4.5. Most of my other systems are on Win 2003 server and running MFA 4.5.


      I have to check in MFA 4.0 to ePO then once deployed, i check in MFA4.5 again. which is tedious...


      Is there any better solution to load MFA4.0 into this Win2K system?

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          Sailendra Pamidi

          by MFA - i assume you mean McAfee Agent (MA) right? You can acheive this by checking in the MA 4.0 into the Evaluation branch and the MA 4.5 into the Current branch. Then when you choose to Deploy Agent from the system tree page, select the appropriate version from the drop down. You need to ensure that check-in product package option to branches other than current is enabled under server settings page before ePO will allow you to check-in the package into Evaluation.


          Hope that helps.

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            Wow, that worked like a charm!


            I didn't know you could check in packages into Evaluation branch so as that MA 4.5 and 4.0 can co-exist together. Hence I always check in 4.0 and once deployed, i check in 4.5 again.


            You're a great help, Sailendra! Thank you.


            So this eval branch can be used for , say example, if I want to eval the new VirusScan 8.8, I can check that into the eval and deploy it to certain groups of ppl, right? Once I finish my eval, I could elevate that from Eval branch to Current and I believe I would be able to deploy as per normal (just create the appropriate tasks), correct?

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              Sailendra Pamidi

              Glad that helped


              To address your other question, you can deploy the product packages and content from branches other than current - yes . However, Patches are not deployable from branches other than Current if you are using MA 4.0 or MA 4.5 RTW. Refer to KB53025 for details


              From the VSE Best Practices Guide, Page 8  (PD22663):

              With ePO 4.5, one has the option to install packages

              into the Previous or Evaluation product deployment branches rather than the default Current branch.

              Note that patches are not deployable from any branch other than the default Current branch as of the

              initial release of the McAfee Agent 4.5 and any McAfee Agent 4.0 due to the bug described in