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    FCAG.EXE causing high CPU utilization when client is connected to server via RDP client.

      I've got several developers and service desk users running HDLP Client They are experiencing a random problem where the user connects to a server using the Windows RDP Client, and the user's workstation immediately experiences a CPU race condition. The CPU will peg at 99% until the user ends the RDP session on the server.


      The workstations are Windows XP Professional and Windows 7 Enterprise. Servers being connected to are Windows 2003 and Windows 2008.


      I have attempted to remiediate the problem by A> upgrading DLP from 9.0 to 91, and B> turning off the Lotus Notes and Screenshot handlers, however, the challenge is the problem randomly occurs.


      There does not appear to be a way to recreate the problem, however, my users are growing angry as the CPU race condition is stopping all their work.


      Any ideas on where to start?


      Anyone experiencing a similar problem?


      Anyone have a solution?


      My thoughts are that one of the DLP handlers is causing high CPU when the HDLP client interacts with the RDP Clipboard. Any takers on the theory?