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    SR Detail

      Here is the SR Detail page....

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          The one button I would like to see added is "Abandon Call" (or "Mark call as resolved" ). At the moment there is no easy way for a customer to close the call.

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            Good point. This was supposed to be there and I see it's not. I'll take care of it. Thanks for your review and for noticing this omission.

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              Actually it is there. If you look at the top of the SR History table, you'll see an option to "Close Service Request." I wonder if this will be obvious once you're in the workflow of the page vs. looking at a mockup of a very long page. Your thoughts?

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                Yep, found it. Thanks.


                Could have been "invisible" to me because it's not really a button, but rather text.

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                  Much Better

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                    It would be more intuitive if the links for Chat with..., Update SR and Close SR were in the space between General Information and Reported Issue.  In current location we have to look down the page in order to find it.

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                      Thanks for your feedback and suggestion. By way of explanation, we associated those links with SR History because they insert a new row and new information in the history table. If they were between General Information and Reported Issue, I'd be concerned that users wouldn't see the results of their action...unless we jumped them down to SR History...but then would they know where they are?? I'll bring it up for discussion in our design call today.

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                        Would not those actions open a new page / window?

                        Or do they truly open only a row for editing?

                        What exactly would it be doing to cause some users to be getting lost?

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                          Richard Carpenter

                          In the details it would be good to have the body of the email included in the Comments section for Active Type  "Email - Customer" since not eveyone keeps emails indefinatly and other business users with access to the SR might not have access to the email sent out from the support desk, so a complete email thread would help.

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