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    View SRs

      We took comments from all of you who posted and designed the attached View SR page. A few things to notice:

      1. You can view SRs and sample submissions in one table.
      2. Severity is now Business Impact.
      3. Date Created is replaced by Last Updated.
      4. You can filter by type (SR vs. Sample Submission), Status (open vs. closed), Sub-Status (status detail), and Product.
      5. You can sort by SR #, Status, Sub-Status, Business Impact, Product, SR Owner, and Last Updated.



      Does this meet you needs?

      Is anything missing?

        • 1. Re: View SRs
          • Comments?
            • The changes look great.  The verbiage is more in line with what we're used to and it also looks very useful now.

          • Does this meet you needs?
            • Sure does!  I can look at this table and I know exactly where my data is and the status of it.  It also looks very easy to find the data I want as well.

          • Is anything missing?
            • For me this has everything I need.
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            Thanks Leith. I appreciate the feedback. If you notice anything else (good or bad), please let me know. Now we're moving on to the KnowledgeBase. I'll be posting again in a few weeks.