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    Test EEPC 6.1 Deployment


      Hey Everyone,


      We currently have EEPC 6.0.1 deployed in our enviroment and we're going to start testing 6.0.2 last week. With the release of 6.1 being a bit early I decided to skip 6.0.2 all together and go right to 6.1. I've poured through all the documents/KBs I can find and got all my duck in a row except for one. I can't tell for sure if we can safely run 6.0 and 6.1 side-by-side on the same ePO server. Basically I just need to make sure that after I upgrade the 6.0 extensions to 6.1 we can still do user/machine recoveries and export XML files for EETech recovery on systems with 6.0.x software installed. The only thing I read about having issues with is upgrading to ePO 4.6 but since we aren't doing that it won't apply to us.



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          Make sure that you install ePO 4.5 patch 4 hotfix 1 before you install the 6.1 extensions and packages.


          The short answer to your question is yes. 6.1 extensions can manage 6.0 clients. This includes all management tasks like reporting, recoveries, and exporting the recovery information.

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            Awesome! Exactly what I wanted to be sure  of before starting a deployment

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              If you can, please report the experience you have with your deployment. We're very keen to understand success rates, deployment rates, and any specific issues that arise (especially in upgrade scenarios).

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                Just as a followed to this, our deployment with 6.1 from 6.0.1 has gone quite well. We now have all machines running the new version in fact the number of machines is higher because machines that for whatever reason weren't activating with 6.0.1 started activating with 6.1 so that was a pleasent surprise! The upgrade also took care of mis-matched LDAP strings in our EEUsers table and AD (we had moved a number of users and computers at the same time with 6.0.1) which saved me lots of time.


                Overall the process so far has gone quite well.