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    Help!! Sql Server 2005 Express Update SQL Server 2008 Standard

      sorry if I'm making a post which does not belong, I'm from chile and I have a ePO server and am using Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express, the problem is that I have almost 5000 nodes and what I have understood Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express only endure me that much .

      I am no expert in SQL Server but I made backups of the DB EPO and communication key settings I have exported all.
      Currently I have SQL Server 2008 Standard and would like to install to avoid problems but do not know what to do next.

      like if u can help me with this problem please as I am currently having problems with slowness in the EPO server and SQL errors when opening the EPO console.

      The operating system installed on the server is Windows Server 2003 Enterprise R2

      Thanks ..