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    tracking cookies

      I have just loaded Mcafee Total protecion on to my pc, and after a scan noticed that it had found some tracking cookies. How do I remove these or are they already removed by mcafee



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          Jayadeep NR

          Hi Ken,





          If McAfee detcted Tracking cookies on your computer, it will automatically qurantine. So there is no need to worry about it.

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            Hi  Jayadeep NR


            Thanks for that information. I used computers for years and now I have an alzheimers related illness, so I am struggling a little to keep control of my PC, and believe it or not my computer is a major part of my life.


            So please can I thank you very much for this help.





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              Peter M

              You can clear the accumulated Quarantined items by opening SecurityCenter and then click Navigation (top right).


              Click Quarantined and Trusted Items


              Click the sections there to expand and they can be deleted - just highlight them and click Delete..


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