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    Policy Export/Import


      Hi All, not had a chance to test this yet,. but is it possible/supported to export a policy from an EPO 45 server and import it into a EPO 4.6 server.  We are building a new EPO server rahter than upgrade, and are looking to see if there is an easyer way to migrate policies over than manually re entering them. 


      Thanks in advance.

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          Attila Polinger



          I would give a try to policy sharing feature in this respect. This could result in the same policy groups appearing on the ePO 4.6 relevant policy categories with the owner as the ePO 4.5 server. Once the policy is shared and have appeared on the remote server, you can duplicate it to make it local and stop sharing.

          As prerequisite you need to register the ePo 4.6 server onto the ePO 4.5 server.


          If there should be any compatibility issue between 4.5 and 4.6 this will be shown at this very first step. Consult the ePO manual for policy sharing steps (there are 3).



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            Policy migration across major versions by hand would not be recommended due to possible schema differences.


            What you could consider however is building your new server to be ePO 4.5 and the same patch level as the old server, then you can export and import policies from old to new.

            Note that when you import a policy to a new ePO server it goes into the policy catalog, you will still need to apply the policies to the respective groups in your system tree.


            When happy with the result, upgrade the new server to ePO 4.6 and the ePO 4.6 installer will migrate the local policies up as needed.